Sunshine and Cloud Shadow North East of Stainforth in Yorkshire

A bit of excitement in the Yorkshire Dales

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Out and about yesterday I found myself in the southern half of the Yorkshire Dales. Unlike the northern half, I’ve not explored this area extensively which made yesterday’s trip a little bit of an adventure. New roads, new places, new views. The weather was perfect for walking and this was reflected by the number of […]

Falkland Islands Flag

Can it really be thirty years ago?

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After seeing a friend referring to a CD he had performed on comment “Thirteen Years ago, how time flies” I started to think about momentous periods of my life. There are many I could recall, my generation’s Kennedy moment, September 11 2001, starting & selling my first business, graduation and my first published article. All […]

The Road Less Travelled

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Hard times are hitting a lot of people thanks to government and banking incompetence, so I’m also looking to reduce costs when travelling myself. Having somehow acquired all the other equipment I need over the years, the only thing left I need to get is a tent. Yes I know, you’d have thought that would […]