Scroggy Bank at Beamish

Weird and Wonderful Place Names

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Travelling around you come across some weird and wonderful place names. Most of the time we we don’t spare more than passing thought, but sometimes places can really get to you. This photograph to the right has the name of Scroggy Bank. (I’ve no idea where the name comes from.) It is actually one of […]

Solo Stove

Wild Camping

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I love wild camping. Getting out into the wilderness, just you and nature. It’s amazing how it can heighten your senses, clear your head and really get a perspective on life in general. However, there should be two general rules that always should be followed whenever you do this; Never put yourself or others in […]

Distant Peaks from Honister Pass

A day in the Lake District

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I’m extremely lucky where I live. In one hour I can be on the Cumbrian Fells. In half an hour I can be on Tyneside or the east coast. Extend the travel time to an hour and a half and I can be in rural Northumberland or the majestic Lake District. It was the Lake […]

Falkland Islands Flag

Can it really be thirty years ago?

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After seeing a friend referring to a CD he had performed on comment “Thirteen Years ago, how time flies” I started to think about momentous periods of my life. There are many I could recall, my generation’s Kennedy moment, September 11 2001, starting & selling my first business, graduation and my first published article. All […]

Transporter Bridge Middlesbrough

100th Birthday

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As famous as Tyneside’s Angel of the North, but with a much longer lineage, The Transporter Bridge, iconic symbol of Teesside is 100 years old today. Some of us never thought the bridge would still be in service due to the many threatened closures over the years. When the team from Auf Wiedersehen Pet arrived […]

Front base of the Stan Laurel statue

Stan Laurel, A Bishop Auckland lad

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Arthur Stanley Jefferson, one of four children of Arthur Sr and Magaret Jefferson, was born at his grandparent’s house in Argyle Street, Ulveston, Cumbria on 16th June 1890. We know him, as Stan Laurel. His parents, both actors, moved to Bishop Auckland in County Durham and managed the Theatre Royal on Newgate Street. Stan’s father […]

Fossil Tree at Stanhope

Stony in Stanhope

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What is the largest fossil you have ever seen? The size of your thumb? The palm of your hand? Your head? How about the size of a tree trunk? In Stanhope, in the upper end of Weardale of County Durham, traffic sweeps along the A689 through the town. Many drivers pass the tourist information centre […]

Entrance From Palace Green

A walk around Durham Cathedral

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Durham Cathedral sits high on the peninsula above the city and dominates the skyline, regardless of which direction you approach. However, my advice, is to arrive in Durham by train. The reason for this is the railway station also sits high on a hill, there are many hills in the city, and provides a spectacular […]

Footpath Sign

Footpaths and Bridleways

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I decided to try and hunt down a couple of medieval villages shown on a map I had acquired. It was a lovely walk, easy walking terrain, in an area I simply hadn’t explored before. It was the complete lack of knowledge of the area that boosted the interest, but ultimately it was also the […]