Mary Ann Cotton

Mary Ann Cotton – serial killer

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Mary Ann Robson was born in the colliery village of Low Moorsley in the County of Durham, (Now part of Houghton-le-Spring), on the 31st October 1832. The daughter of a miner, her family moved to Murton when she was eight so her father could take up a job working at Murton Colliery. It was a […]

FLOTUS Leaving Car

JFK + 50 : Still believe in a single shooter?

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Today marks the 50th Anniversary of the murder of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th President of the USA, in Dallas, Texas. Whilst CCTV systems had yet to be invented back then, any time the President went anywhere in his motorcade a press pack would follow, yet the public has only ever been shown a few […]


The Accrington Pals

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It’s 1916. World War One has been raging for two years. Recruitment and manpower is dangerously low when some bright-spark in the safety of Staff HQ decides ‘I know. Let’s recruit entire battalions from the same villages and towns. Men won’t want to look bad in front of their friends by not going and they’ll […]

Guy Fawkes mask

Remember, remember the 5th of November….

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The 5th of November each year brings around what is loosely called “Guy Fawkes Night”. This commemorates an event that occurred on that date in 1605 during the reign of King James I of England or King James VI of Scotland if you prefer. On the 24th April of that year, a Bill was laid […]

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Compton Mackenzie – A County Durham Lad

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Edward Montague Compton Mackenzie was born on 17th January 1883 in West Hartlepool, County Durham, England. Often described as a prolific writer of fiction, Mackenzie was probably best known for two of his works; Whisky Galore & one of his highland novels, The Monarch of the Glen. Whisky Galore, written in 1947, was set amongst […]

Front base of the Stan Laurel statue

Stan Laurel, A Bishop Auckland lad

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Arthur Stanley Jefferson, one of four children of Arthur Sr and Magaret Jefferson, was born at his grandparent’s house in Argyle Street, Ulveston, Cumbria on 16th June 1890. We know him, as Stan Laurel. His parents, both actors, moved to Bishop Auckland in County Durham and managed the Theatre Royal on Newgate Street. Stan’s father […]

Entrance From Palace Green

A walk around Durham Cathedral

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Durham Cathedral sits high on the peninsula above the city and dominates the skyline, regardless of which direction you approach. However, my advice, is to arrive in Durham by train. The reason for this is the railway station also sits high on a hill, there are many hills in the city, and provides a spectacular […]

Master Humphreys Clock

Blue Plaques of Barnard Castle

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Barnard Castle, in southwest County Durham, appears to the casual observer like many other market towns of its size. However, hidden in plain sight is a real treasure trail for both amateur and professional historian alike. Barnard Castle Urban District Council started erecting Blue Plaques throughout the town to celebrate its famous connections, a tradition […]

Durham City

A change in direction

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Well I’m just about there. The site has drastically changed as you can see and so has it’s whole reason for being. Longer term visitors to this particular address will remember it as a website for a Country Music podcast. Whilst there was some great podsafe country music out there, and people did support the […]