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The Heugh Battery – Hartlepool

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The Heugh Battery on the Hartlepool Headland, or to give the site its correct title, The Heugh Battery Museum is one of those places I’d been meaning to visit for ages. It nestles on the coast a few hundred feet north of the light-house on the north side of the mouth of the River Tees. […]

Mary Ann Cotton

Mary Ann Cotton – serial killer

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Mary Ann Robson was born in the colliery village of Low Moorsley in the County of Durham, (Now part of Houghton-le-Spring), on the 31st October 1832. The daughter of a miner, her family moved to Murton when she was eight so her father could take up a job working at Murton Colliery. It was a […]

FLOTUS Leaving Car

JFK + 50 : Still believe in a single shooter?

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Today marks the 50th Anniversary of the murder of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th President of the USA, in Dallas, Texas. Whilst CCTV systems had yet to be invented back then, any time the President went anywhere in his motorcade a press pack would follow, yet the public has only ever been shown a few […]


The Accrington Pals

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It’s 1916. World War One has been raging for two years. Recruitment and manpower is dangerously low when some bright-spark in the safety of Staff HQ decides ‘I know. Let’s recruit entire battalions from the same villages and towns. Men won’t want to look bad in front of their friends by not going and they’ll […]

Guy Fawkes mask

Remember, remember the 5th of November….

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The 5th of November each year brings around what is loosely called “Guy Fawkes Night”. This commemorates an event that occurred on that date in 1605 during the reign of King James I of England or King James VI of Scotland if you prefer. On the 24th April of that year, a Bill was laid […]

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Compton Mackenzie – A County Durham Lad

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Edward Montague Compton Mackenzie was born on 17th January 1883 in West Hartlepool, County Durham, England. Often described as a prolific writer of fiction, Mackenzie was probably best known for two of his works; Whisky Galore & one of his highland novels, The Monarch of the Glen. Whisky Galore, written in 1947, was set amongst […]

Regulations and Instructions Durham County Constabulary

Regulations, Orders and Instructions, framed for the Governance and Guidance of the Durham County Constabulary

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“Regulations, Orders and Instructions, framed for the Governance and Guidance of the Durham County Constabulary” was written by Lieutenant Colonel George F White and published in 1892. It was a truly local product having been printed & bound by George H Procter, Stationer, Market Place, Durham. The book itself is divided into 9 parts: Part […]

Falkland Islands Flag

Can it really be thirty years ago?

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After seeing a friend referring to a CD he had performed on comment “Thirteen Years ago, how time flies” I started to think about momentous periods of my life. There are many I could recall, my generation’s Kennedy moment, September 11 2001, starting & selling my first business, graduation and my first published article. All […]

Eddie Chapman

From petty crook from Burnopfield to Super Spy

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Edward Arnold Chapman. Chances are you will have never heard of that name, but Agent ZigZag may be a bit more familiar to you. Eddie Chapman as he was known to friends, was born in Burnopfield in County Durham on 16 November 1914. Following his disertion from the Coldstream Guards during the 1930s, he ended […]