Off the Beaten Track started back in the early days of video podcasting. The quality of the video back then was only in standard definition and when compressed so it could be downloaded in a sensible time off the internet the quality degraded further.

After a short hiatus, OTBT, as it had come to be known, was reborn as a stand-alone website instead of being a single page within a “community”.

The early content related purely to the North East of England, but wherever I (or one of my associates) goes with a camera and notebook is fair game for the OTBT treatment. However, Off The Beaten Track, as a name, was a double edged sword. It remains a well known phrase and this was affecting things, so I decided to put my personal stamp on matters and with a little bit of a polish, the site became Carter’s Country.

Where we review a venue or location, you can be assured that our access, is what you can typically expect should you visit. If we are given any “press” passes or special access we will ensure this is explicitly mentioned in the article so you are always fully informed about what to expect.

If you have any suggestions we would be delighted to hear from you, just complete the form on the contact page.

Thanks for reading and have fun exploring.