Cold times are on their way

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Snowy Road to Bowes

Snowy Road to Bowes

The last few days have seen a change in the weather. Winter hasn’t quite landed yet but the icy winds tell us it is not too far away either.

The Daily Express, infamous for weather related features on their front pages are predicting record breaking snow fall for November. Whilst this does allow for dramatic photographs, no doubt the usual chaos will descend upon the road network with people not knowing how to drive in those conditions.

However, it may be the newspaper was a little bit over-dramatic in its attempt to sell copies.

The Met Office News Blog has responded to the headlines with a less than agreeable tones. Using words like “speculation” and “big headlines” it points out that it is simply not possible to predict weather patterns so far ahead with that level of accuracy.

So while we sit and shiver in this current cold snap, we will just have to wait and see what happens during November.


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