Wild Camping

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Solo Stove

Solo Stove

I love wild camping. Getting out into the wilderness, just you and nature. It’s amazing how it can heighten your senses, clear your head and really get a perspective on life in general.

However, there should be two general rules that always should be followed whenever you do this; Never put yourself or others in danger and, leave where you camp so nobody knows you were ever there.

I do a lot of traveling every week, the fuel bills for my vehicle are testament to that. But over the last month I’ve seen some awful sites of where people have camped and literally not cared about the environment they were camping in. I find this extremely annoying. It’s pure laziness not to clear up after yourself and shows a disregard for the forna and flora, as well as those who may wish to use that location after you.

I never want to preach on this site and have so far resisted it, but what I’ve seen across three counties in the last four weeks or so first irked me, then enraged me. So I’d like to make a suggestion. If you really do care and want to leave a place just how you found it, reach for your mobile and take a picture when you arrive. This will remind of what attracted you to stop there in the first place. Then before you leave, compare that picture to what you see around you. If you’re doing it right, the two should be a pretty good match.

There’s enough space for everyone to share with a bit of consideration. Rant over.

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