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Tower through cloister arch

Tower through cloister archCounty Durham is the place where I was born. Despite what people like BBC News would have you believe, It’s not Teesside and it’s not Tyneside. Nor is it part of any EU City Region, which may explain why it is the poor relation to the great conurbations of Geordie, Mackems & Smoggies, when it comes to being promoted both across our country and internationally. Now those opening lines may have upset one or two people, but the fact remains County Durham is the gem sandwiched between Tyneside, Wearside and Teesside, a bit like the main jewel of a crown.

However, we don’t have the strong branded identity of Yorkshire either. There is no Durham Tea for example to match that fantastic brew over the border in Harrogate. There is no Durham Brown Ale with a re-assuring Blue Star, visible across the globe. Nor can we claim to host a Premiership Football Team.

What we do have is great people, places unpinned by amazing history & heritage. The UNESCO site of the Durham peninsula is an impressive sight whichever direction you approach county seat of Durham City from, but there is so much more across the rest of the county that many people are simply not aware of.

Over the coming months we will do the leg-work travelling the county, visiting places, meeting and talking to people that make the are distinct from our more promoted neighbours and hopefully inspiring you to visit us and sample a little slice of life here for yourself.

If you live in the County of Durham, run a business here, work at a tourist attraction or have any information from the past you think people would find interesting, please don’t hesitate to get in touch using the Contact Form link above. It’s time County Durham stepped up and challenged our neighbours in the history, heritage and tourism stakes.

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