Book Crossing

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Book Crossing

Book CrossingEver wanted to travel the world? Want to attract a different niche of customers to your business?

I recently encountered a scheme that would allow for both. Well ok the worldwide travel would be a virtual thing.

If you read, or have a surplus of books at home, take a look at the Book Crossing website. Books you no longer require can, quite literally be set free to travel the world.

If you run a shop, café, bar or restaurant, in fact anywhere the public are welcome to come in and browse, you could get your business into the Book Crossing network increasing the footfall at your door.

How does it work?

Essentially you need do no more than set aside a little space in your venue. This could start with a single shelf or a corner on a table. Register your initial batch of books, stick the labels in the front of each one and you’re away. You are now part of the Book Crossing network. It really is as easy as that.

When people bring books in, ensure each title is registered on the Book Crossing website so it can be tracked as it travels the globe. People are then free to take books away, read them, return them to your venue or set them free elsewhere.

Some titles on the system have been left in such diverse places as an airport, on a busy commuter train or even in a telephone box.

Surprisingly, the system rarely gets abused. People respect the rules of network. Taking, reading and releasing, and I think this is largely due to the fact the books can all be tracked via the Book Crossing website. You do actually get to see the journey each book makes as well as interact with other users of the system.

Why not search for your nearest outlet or Zone as they are called? There are over 5,000 in the UK alone, though if there isn’t one near you, you could always ask your local café to start one, or even start a Book Crossing Zone yourself.

Happy hunting.

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