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The natural resource of wind powers these 5MW ...

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There’s a political hot-potato in my area at the moment in the form of proposal for a huge on shore windfarm. I’ve heard it may be one of, if not the, biggest in the UK if it goes ahead, so to try and get a feel for the area of land that would be affected, I bought an OS map.

I had completely forgotten what articles of beauty maps were and how much detail Ordnance Survey manage to cram on to their leisure maps.

However, one thing I didn’t know about my area leapt off the sheet at me, the number of sites of medieval villages, within a couple of miles of my base.

I had been completely unaware of them. I couldn’t find any reference to them on the civic administration’s websites.

So I think this summer is the time where I’ll have to go exploring for myself.

Lesson for today? Grab the OS Leisure Explorer map for your area and see what you didn’t know.


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