A change in direction

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Durham City

Durham CityWell I’m just about there. The site has drastically changed as you can see and so has it’s whole reason for being.

Longer term visitors to this particular address will remember it as a website for a Country Music podcast. Whilst there was some great podsafe country music out there, and people did support the podcast, there was insufficient of high enough quality available for play. This meant there were long gaps between episodes whilst the next batch of great music was sourced and eventually my interest in the podcast faded.

My passion for podcasting was over-taken by my passion for travel and photography and Off The Beaten Track was born. That still remains available at http://www.carterscountry.co.uk/ and at present bears more than a passing resemblance to this site because much of the seed content is directly from there.

I wanted to keep the Carter’s Country theme going, but change direction completely. I’ve been lucky enough to have travelled across the world, there is nothing like coming back home after a trip. To the glorious north of England.

We are so lucky here because within half an hour, I can be in the regional capital city of Newcastle Upon Tyne. Within twenty minutes I can be in the countryside enjoying all that it has to offer and in just over an hour, I can be in the heart of the English Lake District. You could say we’re well connected.

Plus we’re not some Johnny-come-latelys either. We have history by the bucket load and with built and documented history, comes the tales of the real folk who lived in the area. From the Brontes of Yorkshire to musical giants of Mark Knopfler and Sting, we have our fingers in most cultural pies. Plus great engineers of the past such as Stephenson brought us the passenger railways we know today.

So the next time someone tells you “it’s grim up north” just smile politely and reply “whatever you say” for the north of England is the playground I’ve arrogantly christened, Carter’s Country.

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