Mini Moos Farm – Edmondsley, County Durham

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We went to Mini Moos Farm after seeing it featured on a regional TV News programme showcasing the smallest donkey in the UK.

As yet unnamed baby donkey weighs less than 1st

We didn’t have kids with us, as we were interested in the animals, but there were plenty of them in anyway making the most of the indoor and outdoor play areas, clearly having a great time.

The miniature animals themselves were truly the stars of the show, I think two words can be used to sum up the staff working on the site. Pride and passion. You could tell they took a great pride in their work and with that pride came the passion for animals, shining through in bucket loads. When Ian, the owner, was about to start the rabbit show in the Bunny World section of the site, he walked in to face the audience. The biggest smile on his face, like a father with his first born, carrying what he described to be a very rare rabbit. The children present, quickly responded, pointing out he was in fact carrying the baby donkey who had been with its mother, just outside the building. A small detail, but one that clearly showed the pride. Needless to say, after a quick stroking session, the baby donkey was quickly returned to its mother and the rabbit show began.

Having visited other farm attractions, we had budgeted for being here for a couple of hours, but ended up staying for over 5.5hrs. The time really did fly by, with the schedule of shows we were handed on arrival coming in handy.

Phil the Falconer expalining all about Blue the Harris Hawk

Due to the weather, the birds of prey display was moved to an indoor location. I had arrived early to this section of site and was informed by the owner it had moved indoors. The owner then proceeded to walk the entire site, letting people know of the change and inviting them personally to attend what I can only describe as the most informative birds of prey demonstration I have seen. (Real customer service at work) After the demonstration, I gave Phil, the man showcasing the birds a real grilling. I bombarded him with question after question which he responded to fully, politely & with enthusiasm. He even gave me a sneaky peak at one of the baby owls at Little Hoots, the birds of prey section. This has been cunningly crafted to blend in with the woodland. In fact, on the woodland walk, we passed within 25 feet of the birds of prey and didn’t even know they were there until later in the day.

The woodland walk has been laid out in harmony with the surrounding forna & flora.

Woodland Walk

I could imagine this getting “clarty” in wet weather, so on those days you may find the walk closed. However, on the day we were there, it proved to be a very pleasant walk amongst nature and the woodland bingo game keeps the little ones engaged as they go around the route. Along the way we were treated to all sorts of different aromas, the most notable of which was the smell of wild garlic, as we approached the second bridge on the route.

Following the woodland walk, we went on to see the pigmy goats, the cows, the reindeer and miniature pony before heading up to the birds of prey, flying field to board the tractor trailer to visit the nursery units. Personal favourites were Bunny & George, the miniature donkeys, however Emma, our guide ensured we learnt all about the other animals as well.

Returning from the nursery units in our chauffeur driven tractor, we pass the large outdoor play area which provides plenty of room for children to run around outside, with giant bouncing cushions, an inflatable slide, swings etc. all available, as well as loads of space to safely kick a ball around or simply sit and enjoy the sun.

Picnic area with Farm Buildings in distance

The indoor play area is of epic proportions. The biggest childrens’ slide I have ever seen, plus party rooms to give children a more exclusive area to play with friends. (The number of children prevents publication of photographs)

The day was rounded off with a parade of rare, miniature breeds in the main building. The children voted the goat as the winner though the pig, pony, cows and donkey didn’t seem too upset at losing out this time.

Tommy the Barn Owl strutting his stuff

We have no hesitation recommending this attraction to families with children young or old, as well as adults who are interested in the animals as the hard work of the staff really did pay off.

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