Commando Memorial – Scotland

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Commando Memorial Spean Bridge from South

They’re not soldiers, They’re not sailors. They’re not airmen. They are the Commandos.

They have been involved in every major conflict the UK has fought since their formation during world war two when Winston Churchill wanted an elite force to raid enemy occupied coastal positions.

As a result of being on the front lines of action after action they have won a huge number of medals and paid a higher price than many other units.

North of Spean Bridge, just off the A82 is where you will find the Commando Memorial.

It is a fitting place to remember the fallen. The views from the memorial where the figures stare out are the types of terrain where Commando’s train and feel most at home.

Away from the statue, a garden of remembrance has been established where people can honour the memory of loved ones lost. It’s an emotional place, even just to walk round. Photographs, pictures, plaques and notes line the circular route around the garden.

It is easy to think of this as a place where old men from “the war” fade away, however, it is a sad fact that this garden of remembrance is very much an evolving place, with new names appearing.

It was saddening to see new names being added, with birthdates from the 1980’s being added to the list of those fallen.

They may be gone, but they will never be forgotten. The best of the best. The men entitled to call themselves a Commando.

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